Take control of your projects with xSentio Redmine

Take control of your projects with an online project management tool


Take control of your projects

with an online project management tool

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comet_logo_113xSentio Redmine provides us with everything we need. It’s simple to appreciate, easy to use and gives us a better control of our projects. I really value the fact that I can operate a project remotely, even from my mobile.

– Cattis Bragman, Comet Consular Services

AVG AntivirusAs a reseller, we report bugs to the main office on a regular basis so we really value the Gantt chart. We also use the wiki as a knowledge base a lot, which is worth gold to our support team.

– Sarah Bailey, AVG Antivirus.se

Why choose xSentio Redmine for your project?

  • No installation needed, just log on to your account
  • Your account is always available, on tablets, smartphones, PC and Mac
  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Built on the critically acclaimed open source project Redmine
  • We take full responsibility for running and maintaining the service, including backups
  • Hosted within the EU without exceptions
  • GDPR compliant
  • Personal and qualified support that helps you at once

Take a look at the features


Plan your project

at any location

Share documents and information with your project members. Keep an internal knowledge base in a wiki and discuss issues in forums.

Take control

all the time

The whole idea of an online project management tool is to easily present who does what and when for everyone involved.

Follow up

reports for evaluation

Get an over all view of what’s going on in the project and how each step measures, with simple but powerful tools directly in a browser.